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Xposure | Digital Marketing Outsourced
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Xposure is a full service, highly creative agency – a unique mix of marketing smarts and flawless technology. We get better open rates, response rates and quality leads by focusing on a highly creative approach to marketing. We build functional design focused, responsive (mobile) websites, ecommerce and enterprise platforms. We know what works, what doesn’t and how to maximize creativity to deliver results while minimizing costs. Our success is tied to your success. We know all the options – social, email,, viral, video, mobile, and web. You save time and money, while your expectations are exceeded.

We listen.

We notice when things are missing.

We choose the appropriate tools for your particular needs.

We report.

We ask questions

We analyze, adapt and then crush it.

We don’t ‘design by committee’, we lead.

We send short and simple proposals.


Digital Marketing

 Xposure knows exactly how to create and execute a strategy that works every aspect of your digital assets. We harness this social energy to increase your brand footprint and increase your sales. We use social audit & strategy, create social footprints, make innovative campaigns, use influencer assistance and tracking tools to make sure you are using media that is most likely to reach your audience.

Web Development

Xposure has years of experience in building successful web businesses and taking them to mobile devices by working with you to create a digital mascot you will love. We focus on original, clean design, great user experience, and easy maintenance going forward. We also excel in the mobile app world. Our master developers and videographers come up with great concepts that develop your brand awareness.

Enterprise Software

We use enterprise software to lay out the landscape for the most efficient approach to satisfy the needs of your company. We select the best software platform to launch your commerce universe. You can easily manage your website, marketing message, and social media online, on mobile, and in your stores.


We create custom publishing Apps for all smartphones, tablets, directory/buyers guides, classifieds, and search – all customized for your audience. We activate an online text advertisement that is invisible on a website until activated by either site search or site content. We also customize vertical search solutions and offer affordable SEO rated professional video.

QA/Project Management

We create software that helps track, monitor, and fix issues immediately if they arise. We measure compliance and offer audit management assistance. By gathering data, we continuously will improve your site, bringing in more viewers. With testing services, we make sure that everything is running smoothly, fixing any flaws that may arise unpredictably.


Here are some of the brands that we had the opportunity to serve.


We want to hear from you and why you’re unique (or not). Fill out the form below or give us a call (212.625.1738) to discuss your project: